How does a Personal Chef Service Work?

After you contact me, I will want to visit with you about your ideas, how I can make your life easier with my service, and what foods you like and dislike. Possibly you want to revamp your whole approach to nutrition and food.  Maybe you just want someone to do the planning and cooking and take it totally "off your plate.” We can consult about your needs free of charge to explore if my service is a fit for you.

I charge $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries. My hourly rate is for the time I spend cooking. I do not charge for time spent menu-planning or shopping. Most clients choose one of the following schedules for my services:


Cooking once a week will usually mean you have 3 to 5 evening meals with side dishes in your refrigerator, and possibly some lunch/deli items to cover mid-day meals (pasta or orzo salads, tossed salads w/ fresh vinaigrette on the side, tuna or chicken salad, fruit salads, soups and stews).  This amount of food would typically take between 3 and 4 hours to prepare ($120 - $160 plus the cost of groceries).

Every-Other-Week or Floating Schedule:

I work well last minute and "on call." This is a good choice for empty-nesters who may have occasional guests or just want to spend their time doing anything but cooking for part of the month. A floating schedule can consist of anything you like, including different amounts and items each visit, taking into consideration your guests, your vacations, and of course, your cravings. Maybe you want a dinner party with friends rather than battling the crowds at restaurants around the holidays, or maybe you'd like the fridge filled with great food during a particularly busy time.  I've helped families through new babies, surgeries and busy work schedules.