Pure Ingredients cooks anything, but some dishes are just special. 

Sweet favorites:

Farmstand walnut carrot cake

Peach and blueberry cobbler w/ almonds and orange zest

Strawberry shortcake w/ maple whip

Rice pudding w/ candied ginger and mango

Raspberry ricotta cake

Low, low-sugar morning glory scones

Cardamom bread pudding with Oregon Spirit Distillers bourbon sauce

Whole grain blueberry muffins

Savory favorites:

Salsa verde chicken and roasted vegetable enchiladas

Chipotle pork shoulder tacos

Buffalo and eggplant lasagna w/ shiraz marinara

Korean flank steak w/ roast broccoli and cauliflower

Asian beef stew w/ water chestnuts

Red coconut beef tenderloin curry w/ turmeric-cinnamon rice

Thai coconut lemongrass and basil soup

Shrimp, chicken and okra jambalaya w/ short-grain cilantro rice

Spicy lentils and lamb w/ cilantro, parsley and cucumber

Pork ragu over creamy polenta

Rubbed rib-eye roast w/ horseradish

Herbed bison and turkey meatballs

Grilled halibut w/oregano chimmichurri

Dijon honey chicken salad w/ toasted pecans and grapes

Carrot and maple souffle

Sweet potato casserole w/ pecan streusel

Chicken Marsala w/ pureed cauliflower and yukon golds

Creamy summer tomato basil soup

Rice noodle, sprouts, almond, napa cabbage and grilled pork salad with lime fish sauce dressing

Southwest quinoa black bean and corn burgers

Mediterranean tuna cakes with citrus aioli

Grilled lobster tails

Crisp Dungeness crab cakes with mango remoulade

Goat cheese and rosemary potatoes au gratin