Why Hire A Personal Chef?

Because it's customizable and affordable.  Most clients notice they are spending less on food after they've hired me, especially because my service means less restaurant food. 

Do you try to put a few meals together in your head while you're at the grocery store? That hardly ever gives me the best results. A meal I just made up at 5:00 pm standing in the produce section of Safeway never seems to turn out like a meal I planned ahead. Let's plan together so you're never caught staring into the meat case with no recipe and no plan.

Do you have a special diet you want to try? I'll make the vegetarian, low-fat, gluten-free, paleo or raw diet you want to implement. Juice and soup cleanses, too!

Do you want to learn portion control? Many of my clients receive pre-portioned dinners on a weekly or monthly basis for their freezer or fridge.  They know generally how many calories are in each container and they don't need to count or portion it out for themselves.

Do you say to yourself: "I need to eat more vegetables?" Veggies are my favorite ingredient.  I love an elaborate chopped salad and I love fresh, herbed salad dressings. 

Do you say to yourself: "If there were healthy dishes in my fridge, I'd eat them right now!" Sometimes eating well is a matter of things being there right when you want them, deliciously prepared or nicely cleaned and chopped. 

Do you clip recipes but never actually make them? Welcome to the club.  Most of my clients are very interested in food and desire to try out new recipes, but lack the time.  I love to execute new recipes .... hand them to me and leave the tasting to yourself.

Do you waste food? Tell me how many I am cooking for and I will come very close to preparing how much you need.  I can adjust recipes and keep costs low by minimizing waste.